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Image by: Pannochki.Art


My heart lies open, copious amounts of blood flow freely 

All the pain, darkness, and bitterness seep out

I am completely drained

I lay transfixed upon the earth, arms stretched out wide 

The sun kisses my dark brown skin 

Flowers burst with beautiful colors of green, yellow, and red 

Butterflies and hummingbirds fly freely  around me 

I bask in the glory of it all 

Slowly my heart begins to fill again

This time with light, love and hope 

Happiness courses through my veins

I smile.

Is this what life is supposed to feel like?

My heart is stitched together carefully this time 

Without hurt and shame, without suffering 

I am whole, I am complete 

Healing has finally come to me

~Jay Smoove~

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