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Tightly coiled, my thoughts wrap around my heart 

Squeezing, tugging, draining all the emotion away 

I sit stone-faced, empty, deprived of light 

So many feelings buried underneath my thickened unbleamished skin

I want to shout and scream, please hear me

Listen to the way my eyes droop with sadness

Listen to the way my shoulders slump in defeat

Listen to the way my knees rock back and forth incessantly

Listen to the patter of my knuckles as they wrap against my desk 

The sound of my voice lies crushed beneath the weight of my pain

I want to utter a phrase, but words escape me 

Nothing seems to be adequate, nothing seems to suffice 


The only thing that beakons peace 


The only path that leads to freedom 


But…I want to speak, can’t you hear me?


The comfort I’ve blanketed myself in since birth. 

Silence, my only saving grace.

~Jay Smoove~

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