Your Words


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Image by: Jason O’Brien


Your words. They entangle around my heart like shards of glass.

Deeper they cut, sifting away at my confidence, at my worth 

Your words. They encircle around my brain, pulling tighter and tighter until all my feelings spill out 

Rage. Sadness. Brokeness. 

I try to contain those feelings, to have control, but there Your words are again.

Creeping back into my mind, as a loud speaker, they bellow over  and invade my thoughts

The pain of it all, comes rippling back, shocking my core 

I’m not that  person anymore, the sad little girl, longing to belong, to be accepted

All I want is to move forward, but Your words

They trap me.

They stifle me.

They Bury me.

I try with all my might to escape, to break free.

To let go of the anger, to heal the pain, to no longer seek forgiveness.

How hard for a child to understand the shortcomings of an adult?

To deal with pride, to deal with lies, to deal with bitter fear.

No matter how hard you attempted to mangle, belittle, and hurt me

Your words no longer can stay here.

Take them. 

I empty myself of  all of your toxicity and trauma.

You can no long hurt me.

You words can no longer cause me to hurt others.

I am free from your control.

Your words.

Your pain.

I empty myself of you.

~Jay Smoove~

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